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Working with Schools, Educational Trusts and SME's

Engaging Education through Technology

We offer IT Consultancy and support to all schools and Trusts within the UK.

Following high level auditing we can provide bespoke IT Managed Support services.

We have extensive experience of offering small, medium and large projects across schools and Trusts.



Business Manager, Derby Cathedral School.

“ED-UK has maintained our support provision while the school continues to grow and Rick has delivered consultancy on the transition into the new parts of our refurbished building. We are thankful for the change in support that has been provided during the lockdown period.”



Headteacher, Perryfields High School.

"ED-UK has provided fantastic support to our School. We have seen all our PC's with a much needed over haul into using Windows 10 and we now have a remote access technology that is available to all staff and students. All of our students now have access to the school email service using Office 365"

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K.Moss, Headteacher,

Clearwater Academy, Gloucester

"Clearwater Academy has benefited from being provided excellent advice and guidance on our IT systems from ED-UK and they are constantly supporting us to ensure that our staff and students have the necessary resources in order to access the digital curriculum."