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Managed IT Services for School’s & Academy Trusts

School’s today have such a large array of technology that not only stores and serves the day to day running of its core educational business, but technology is now crucial to the delivery of lessons, assisting in safeguarding preventions measures and also now linked to the provision of CCTV and VOIP phone systems. 

Many of the schools we speak to and have audited have been exposed to serious risks or failures due to their in-house IT staff moving on, not keeping pace with emerging technologies due to schools not being able to fund industry-standard training, being unwilling to change in a fast-moving environment or suddenly becoming unavailable through unexpected illness. 

A Managed Service is a way of out-sourcing the management of all IT-based operations. We provide this as the core of our business. This provides schools with professional IT educated staff either on a full or part-time basis, dependent on the size and requirements of the Secondary or Primary Academy\School.

This whole managed operation gives the school assurance that everything is covered by a larger team of IT Educationalists who can provide cover when needed, monitors day to day operations ensuring systems are kept up to date while also being able to provide the school with IT development and budgeting plans.

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