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School CCTV & Surveillance Systems - Protecting staff & pupils

With statistics indicating that crime is increasingly becoming a challenge in schools across the UK, we believe that we can help reduce the risk to your school and help protect staff, students, buildings and possessions.

We are an established VASP approved installer of HikVison CCTV equipment into schools.

ED-UK can offer high-quality surveillance systems and CCTV for schools including sophisticated infra-red cameras which record in the darkest areas and the very latest in real-time digital video storage. The data stored is certified evidence should a recording of an incident be required as evidence. We will carry out a full survey and inspection of your school or college and advise you on the number of cameras to fully secure your premises. Systems are fully installed and commissioned by our qualified engineers ensuring a smooth and trouble-free installation with no or minimal disruption to your daily schedule. Once our team of installation engineers have completed the installation they will give you full training on how the system operates, how to survey a combination of one two or all of the cameras simultaneously and how to playback incidents.

The need for CCTV will very much depend on the individual school. For example, those in high crime risk areas may require a comprehensive system that is monitored throughout the day and night, whereas a school in a low-risk area may benefit from one or two cameras just within the entrance area. In some cases, the mere presence of a camera can be a sufficient deterrent to reduce or eliminate potential criminal activity.

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