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Ubiquiti Wireless Solution deployed across Perryfield’s Academy Campus.

Perryfield’s Academy had an existing Ubiquiti wireless solution that had reached its end of life. Coverage was minimal and the connection experience was reported to us as inconsistent.

ED-UK completed a 2 day audit of the existing setup, concluded a summary of findings and then proposed a cost effective new Ubiquiti solution.

Parts of the existing system were over 6-7 years old, which meant these no longer supported the new requirements of up to date protocols.

We used their own Server Solution to create a linux based Virtual Machine which was the on site controller for the proposed Wireless Access Points.

The project proposal highlighted a number of curriculum areas that had little or no signal, so our engineers installed CAT 6 Outlets to the areas defined for the new Access Point locations.

Over a period of 3 days our engineers installed all the new cable runs and Access Points defined by the Heat Map / Survey we undertook. This included installing additional external grade Access Points to cover outdoor areas. A plan setup so the PE staff could use their School iPads on the school fields.

After passing the agreed user acceptance test, all of our documentation was passed over to the school and we assisted in creating their required session ID’s and Guest Access Portal.

A post completion survey was then actioned showing that the site now had a robust full site coverage, essential for all their curriculum devices.

‘The speed and dedication to the project that ED-UK delivered was impressive. Its now great to have full site wireless coverage that came in at such a cost effective price’.
Ian Barton, Principal, Perryfields Academy

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