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Hillocks Primary Academy – Multi Use Hall Projector Solution

We were contacted by the Diverse Academies Trust to investigate the provision of a Projector solution in Hillocks Primary Academies Hall. Their setup consisted of having to manually setup a projector on a table for each assembly / requirement.

The Academy only have one hall which is used for Assemblies and Performances but also doubles up as their gym for sporting activities. All of which we had to consider when creating the specification for the solution.

We specified a large 5M electronic screen that was attached to the ceiling at one end of the hall. Controlled by remote control this large projection display is able to drop down and then back up by using the remote at any part of the hall. The construction of a scaffolding tower was completed prior to installation to ensure the safe fitting operation by our engineers and one that complied with the correct Health and Safety regulations.

At the other end of the hall we fitted a Panasonic 7000 lumens Projector. This was fitted to the back wall with a steel bracket and was then fitted in a custom steel cage. This was specified for the solution as protection from any potential damage due to their sporting activities in the hall.

We then fitted some CAT6 cable runs from the Projector to the front of the hall. We used some high quality HDMI convertors and fitted to a professional wall mounted experience for the customer to connect to. Finally the solution was connected to the hall’s existing audio solution.

As part of all our solutions, we then arranged and delivered a handover and training session on the new setup.

‘We were more than pleased with the solution and delivery of the Hall Projector solution at Hillocks Academy. The install carried out was extremely professional and the result is fantastic. I was pleased to see at the end of the install that ED-UK had fitted some additional CAT6 points required for our Wireless Network and Telephony solution’.

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