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We have extensive experience of offering small, medium and large projects across schools and Trusts including:

  • Designing, implementing and maintaining bespoke Tier 1 Wireless solutions that incorporate Guest facilities and operate within security standards.

  • Installing and supporting Core and Edge Network switching projects. VLAN and security Implementation.

  • High Level Server projects incorporating network creation based on Microsoft technologies.

  • Providing and proposing bespoke CCTV systems that integrate and complement existing and new infrastructures. Providing constant support to schools and trust in order to ensure schools can operate safely with the appropriate training packages.

  • Providing Audio Visual solutions and creating a deployment project that falls in line with the Schools\Trusts overall ICT Visions. Providing High-End Theatre systems as well as state of the art High Definition technologies in the classrooms with multiple connection technologies including wireless casting.

  • Supplying Tier 1 Computers, Laptops, Monitor, servers and PC accessories.

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Rick Bradley

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